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Experimental Proof of Electrical Charge

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    I have a question about the transfer of electrical charge from object to another. Basically, my professor stated that if you rub a rod with certain matierials, the rod will become charged. This is due to the convention that Ben Franklin came up with called the triboelectric series. So, my quesition is, without looking at the list provided to me in my text book, how am I suppossed to know what charges are transfered to each material. For example, A plastic rod rubbed with fur becomes negatively charged, but a glass rod rubbed with silk becomes positively charged :confused: ... ok, that makes sense to me, but why not the other way around? I understand that if two materials are brought into contact, electrons are transferred from the material higher in the series to the one futher down, but how do you justify that, or how do you quantify that?


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