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Experimenting with Superconductors and Pressures

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    I apologize beforehand for my lack of experience in searching through scientific articles or journals. But I was reading an article about super conductors, and then the question popped into my head.

    Has anyone heard of an experiment that tested various known superconductors under different pressures to see if that changed their temperature at which they become superconducting? It would probably be similar to the different phases of matter for various substances such as water, if there was such an effect.
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    Hi there,

    I do not know of any such experiments either (although I can almost assure you they exist). The pressure should alter the critical temperature of the material.

    Consider the Meissner effect. It occurs at the critical temperature. However, this phenomenon is already shown to depend on the superfluidity of the material. The superfluidity certainly depends on pressure.

    Thus, unless I'm overlooking something, pressure can alter the Tc. For practical purposes (HTS mainly), however, its not very useful. Maybe why very few popular articles exist on the subject.

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