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Homework Help: Explain me this concept (Laws of Motion)

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    Two blocks placed one on top of the other are lying on a horizontal smooth surface. The coefficient of friction between the blocks is [tex]\mu[/tex].

    Case 1: Horizontal force F is applied to the lower block (Fig. 14).

    [PLAIN]http://www.monbattle.com/1.jpg[/CENTER] [Broken]

    Please help me to find out how they have got those equations. I'm trying to find it from past several hours but couldn't got any hint.​
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    Hi snshusat161! :smile:

    (your link isn't working … it's http://www.monbattle.com/1.jpg" [Broken] :wink:)

    You need to do good ol' Newton's second law (F = ma) twice, once for each block.

    What equations do you get? :smile:
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