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Exploration Geophysics with a Masters in Physics

  1. Feb 26, 2014 #1

    I'm currently in my second semester of a Masters in Physics program. I hadn't given much thought to careers before I started, but now that I've been looking into them, I think I 'd most enjoy Exploration Geophysics. Is it likely that I'll find a job in it with a Masters in Physics, or would it be in my best interest to switch to my school's Geophysics program before I get too far along with my current research (in high energy density physics)? Would I be doing my Physics Department and advisor a disservice if I switched? Would I be less likely to be accepted into the Geophysics program since I've already started in Physics?

    ...Some side questions: How does the Geophysics job market look compared to that of the Physics? How is it in general?

    Anyone please feel free to weigh in with personal experiences, opinions, and recommendations.

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    I don't have too much knowledge, but I know a lot of geologists and geophycists can find jobs in oil or petroleum companies to help tap out oil everywhere, their knowledge is helpful for determining where it is, where it can be etc.
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