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  1. P

    What is the maximum depth to which a P-wave ray can travel?

    I've created an excel spreadsheet with the given model in addition to calculating radius of the layer by subtracting depth from 6371. I've calculated Zf. I've also found what I think is vs by doing alpha * (radius column/6371), but that could be wrong. I know I need to find where 20/6371 =...
  2. P

    Solving for earthquake transit time via Snell's Law

    I was told to solve the second equation above for x to get l2 and l2, but that only gets me those in terms of other unknowns. I'm assuming I just need to solve t for my knowns, but I keep getting caught up by my unknowns. i.e., solving for x gives x = (l2*L*v2)/(l1*v1+l2*v2). Please note "l" is...
  3. Mikkel

    Python Numerical modeling of a glacier's length -- Coding error(s)

    Hey Physics Forum I am currently doing my bachelor project in geophysics, with focus on the evolution of glaciers in Greenland. My project consists partly of programming, because I want to get better at it. I have, however, hit a wall. I can't seem to figure out what is wrong with my code and I...
  4. C

    A Imperial-Metric Unit conversion for Magnetic Field Gradiometer?

    Hi all, I have a question which I think should be a simple solve for most people but I cannot seem to get my head around it. It is a common case in geophysical surveying that a magnetic field vertical gradiometer might be used. This instrument uses two magnetometers separated by a known...
  5. A

    Phase relation for mantle?

    I have information about temperature, pressure, normal and shear stresses, viscosity, conductivity, density, heat capacity and adiabatic heating for a particular area of mantle in the form of 2D matrices. I want to show phase relation for this region of mantle. Is there an equation (group of...

    Geophysical Dynamics

    Why does the planetary boundary layer velocity profile shows a sinusoidal variation with height? Reference: Fig:14.10 Page 576 Fluid Mechanics - Kundu and Cohen 2nd edition
  7. R

    DNS - Geophysics

    Hi all, I am soon starting a research project into Earths core dynamics, and will be using a pre existing code. I understand the principle of DNS and resolving for all different resolutions. But I do not really understand how to implement that efficiently. Does anyone have any good resources...
  8. R

    PhD in geophysics

    Hi everyone, I'm currently doing an MSc in Carbon Management at the University of Edinburgh, and have decided that I enjoy the geophysics aspects (renewable energies, etc.) more than the economics/policy aspects in which I have undergraduate experience. Given this, I'd like to pursue a PhD in...
  9. S

    Energy partitioning (Attenuation)

    Homework Statement A seismic wave travel from surface, is reflected at the fifth of a series of horizontal interfaces. Each has a reflection coefficient "R" of 0.15. What is the total attenuation in amplitude caused by energy partitioning at all encountered interfaces, when the wave returns to...
  10. loya Blaise

    Calculating Velocities, dip and depth of a refractor Shot point A and B are located at a 225m spread of 16 geophones. Using the data in the attachment, Find 1. The Velocities, V1and V2 2. The Dip()...
  11. Alissa95

    Career that lets you travel lots/to remote locations?

    At the moment I am about to enter my final year of an MSci Physics with Particle Physics and Cosmolgy. My final year project will have me working on particle detector R&D (looking at designs and radiation hard technologies to upgrade LHCb's ECAL). The natural progression from that was to do a...
  12. T

    Programs To continue with the geosciences or go geotech engineering?

    I have a bachelors in geophysics and am currently deciding between attending a school for a masters in geoscience/geophysics and attending a school for a masters in geotechnical engineering. They are both funded to a degree, with the geoscience masters being extremely well funded versus the...
  13. Mikkel

    Uncertain about which road I should go down in physics

    Hello everybody! I've decided to study physics at the university this summer. I know, I want to study physics - it's just too damn fascinating to ignore. My uncertainty lies in what field of physics I should study. I have narrowed it down to Geophysics or Astrophysics, because they can be...
  14. Farah AbdlGhany

    Numerical course in geophysics

    I am studying numerical and programming course in this semester, I was asked to know the applications of this course (numerical methods like Bisection, Newton Raphson, Secant, Simpson, Euler and Lagrange) in geophysics and how can I exploit these methods in seismic or in geophysics in general...
  15. N

    Using Airy's Model of isostatic equilibrium, solve for....

    Homework Statement Using Airy's Model of isostatic equilibrium, solve for the average anti-root height due to the ocean and the average density of the upper mantle. given info: ocean depth avg = 4km ocean crust is 10 km thick avg continental crust if 40 km thick avg all crust is the same...
  16. G

    Furthering Physics education inline with current job

    Hi, I have a Degree in Pure Physics and I was recruited last year as a cadet hydrographer for a mine. Hydrography is the branch of applied sciences which deals with the measurement and description of the physical features of terrestrial water catchments, as well as with the prediction of their...
  17. NaturalSymphony

    Geophysics: Dynamic form factor and Equipotential surfaces

    I've got the following problem which I need help with. I'm used to calculating coefficients when the problem is about ellipsoids and first order approximations. But when it comes to spheres and coefficients J_n I really don't know how to approach the problem. Can somebody help me out? Consider...
  18. M

    Physics minors

    I'm currently doing a bachelors degree in applied physics, which minor goes along with physics? Chemistry or Geology? Which is in demand? (Our minors are 18 credit hours)
  19. neosoul

    Physics Geophysicist as Patent Lawyer

    How does being a geophysicist or geophysical engineer in particular tie into becoming a patent law? How could geophysics be useful when doing patents?
  20. O

    Schools Graduate school in applied math, physics, or engineering?

    Im about to graduate with a physics and math double major, so I'm currently searching for graduate programs that include applied physics, applied math, and engineering. Ultimately I am interested in applying science/math to practical applications in engineering or earth science. My goal is to...
  21. Strangelet

    Theoretical Physics or Earth Physics?

    Good Evening to everyone! I'm currently a student of theoretical physics. I have a Bachelor Degree in Physics and I'm from Italy. When you finish your B.D. you can choose to go on with your studies in order to get a Master Degree (other 2 years of study) and here you can choose your curricula...