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Exponential Functions In Complex Analysis

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    Can someone please tell me if I have the correct answer for this one?

    e^(5pi/4) = (1-i)/(-sqrt(2))

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    You might want to check the sign of the imaginary part...
    Drawing a picture might help.
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    I guess it should be e^(3pi/4)
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    Stop guessing! Show us how you arrived at either of those answer, please.

    I will point out that whether you say
    [tex]e^{5\pi/4}= \frac{1- i}{-\sqrt{2}}[/itex]
    [tex]e^{3pi/4}= \frac{1- i}{-\sqrt{2}}[/itex]
    You run into the rather sizeable difficulty that the number on the left of the equal sign is real while the number on the right is not!

    Is it at all possible that you meant [itex]e^{5\pi i/4}[/itex] and [itex]e^{3\pi i/4}[/itex]?
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