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Extension of Binary Connectives to n-valued Logic?

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    Hi, All:

    Just curious as to whether there is some sort of canonical extension of the standard

    binary connectives: and, or, if, iff, etc. , to n-valued logic. I imagine this may have to see

    with Lattices, maybe Heyting Algebras, and Order theory in general. Just wondering if

    someone knows of somewhere where this has been worked out.( As more of a speculation,

    I wonder if there would be

    a way of considering probability theory as n-valued logic when n-->oo , tho I am pretty

    sure I am being sloppy.)

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    There is no "canonical" extension, but there are plenty of many-valued logics. I suggest having a look at the SEP entry for many-valued logic.
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    hanks, Preno.
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