Extremely easy math, but need expression

  1. Okay,
    This could be the easiest math question on here... but I'm going to ask the dumb question anyway. I have several coordinate points to solve for, and in each case I subtract the same amount from the previous "x" to get the next "x" value (X2...3...4...5...). The only point where I subract a different value is X1. The rest have a constant rate of change (derivative?). Example:

    1.) X1 = (some vaule) – 30’
    2.) X2 = (X1 – 60’), X3 = (X2 – 60’), X4 = (X3 – 60’), X5 = (X4 – 60’), X6 = (X5 – 60’)

    There has to be a simple mathematical formula, other than this sloppy one. Any help would be great.
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  4. like Mark44 said this is an arithmetic progression
    Here the difference between two terms(of the sequence) is equal
    where a is the first term and d is the difference between two terms(d=T2-T1)
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