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Factoring 4th degree polynomials.

  1. Mar 25, 2013 #1
    So I needed to factor -4x5-8x4+8x3+4x.
    I factored out a -4x and I am left with x4+2x3-2x2-4.

    The problem is I am unsure how to factor x4+2x3-2x2-4.
    I know how to long divide polynomials but I have not done synthetic division in over 4 years. From what I have seen on the internet it seems like a lot of guess and check.
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    Easier, it makes sense to group the pair with factor 2 together - you can certainly factor that pair. The remaining two terms have a factorisation that is very like one you should remember - since you say you are out of practice perhaps the only one you'd remember. :wink:
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