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Factoring large N into prime factors

  1. Mar 15, 2012 #1
    Hi, I am writing up a project based on an algorithm for factoring large numbers, I have reached seemingly simple point where I am stuck, I wonder if anyone can help me?

    I am trying to factor a large N such that N=pq for unknown primes p and q, I have described a method to find a value for (p-1)(q-1) from N and now have the problem of recovering p and q.

    So N is given and (p-1)(q-1) is given, how do I carry on? Thanks
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    thanks, that's perfect.

    The way in which i found (p-1)(q-1) is to take a set of sequences of powers of x mod N for x=1,2,...,N-1 and work out their periods, each period turns out to be a divisor of (p-1)(q-1), if a large enough number of divisors is taken, then the value of (p-1)(q-1) can be predicted with high probability. That's basically all I've got, if anyone knows the specific theorem I am exploiting here it would be greatly appreciated as I should include it in my work, I know it's Euler but I'm having trouble finding a specific name so I can reference it and perhaps find a proof.
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