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Factoring rational equations -- looking for worked out practice problems

  1. Jun 26, 2017 #1
    Where can i find some worked out practice problems ?
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    Take a look here for instance for factoring / simplifying rational expressions and then you can apply the concepts to solve rational equations.
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    Thanks , but

    Its not opening in my place , i had to use a web proxy to see that website . don't know why it is like that .
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    Try this one.
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    Thanks a lot :-)
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    One should find what are wanted in any good College Algebra textbook. I know; because I have reviewed Rational Equations from a couple of older College Algebra books. They are good. Yes! Examples worked out, too. Also check on YouTube for other examples. You will find many.
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    Ok thanks , i have a couple of college texts somewhere in my cupboard , maybe i should refer that once more :-)
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