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Failing Physics. Need Dire Help. PLEASE!

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    A worker pushes a wheelbarrow with a horizontal force of 50.0N over a level distance of 5.0m. If a frictional force of 43N acts on the wheelbarrow in a direction opposite to that of the worker, what net work is done on the wheelbarrow?

    how would i go about solving this problem?
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    By looking up the definition of work.
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    josher1289, you'll probably find more help in the homework help section.

    Your threads probably going to get moved there soon, just warning you.

    Anyway The net work is the total work done on the object(obviously). So find the work done by the person pushing the barrow and the work done by friction and add them up to get the net work. Remember that friction acts in opposition to the motion. What does this mean?
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