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Falling objects

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    I'm relatively new to physics.

    I know that dropping 2 objects, at the distance from the ground, they will land at the same time.

    But what would happen if you dropped objectA at 2 meters height, and held objectB at one meter height, and only let go of objectB, when ObjectA has already fallen 1m. Will they fall at the same time?

    basically what im asking is, does the speed of an object build up, the further it falls?
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    No, because for object B, the initial velocity is 0, and for object A, the initial velocity when it gets to the location of object B is 4.4 m/s.

    The relationship between final velocity, initial velocity, displacement, and acceleration is

    [tex]V_f^2=V_i^2-2ad[/tex] where a = -9.8 m/s^2

    So yes, the velocity builds up the further or longer you fall until you reach terminal velocity.
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    thanks, that cleared it up.
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