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Fast Fourier Transform in excel

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    I really need your help - i cant work out how to do a FFT in excel. The main problem is I dont have a constant sampling rate - I recorded the time and then the corresponding magnitude of the wave. I have followed everything oneline but I cant seem to get anything to work as I cant fill the frequency column. Can someone help please? ive attached my spreadsheet. The first column is the time, the second is the data taken at that time and the other stuff is using the Data Analysis tool in excel


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    thats what I was following. It only works for a constant sampling rate...
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    It's a bit of work but if you look at the delta t's it's always a multitude of 0.5E-8.

    So expand the rows until all are equally separated by a t= 0.5E-8 and intrapolate.

    Edit: see attached for starters

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