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    Perform an image deconvolution using FFTs and Python

    Homework Statement [/B] This problem is from Mark Newman's Computational Physics, problem 7.9, found at The problem gives us a blurry convolved image, according to a Gaussian point spread function and our objective is to deconvolve it to...
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    Using the Fourier Transform on Partitioned Images

    If I cut my image into several portions and use the Fast Fourier Transform on each portioned image, will I achieve the same result as if I used Fast Fourier Transform on the whole image? I have this concern because I need to process a large image using the Fast Fourier Transform, the problem is...
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    FFT using Green function

    Hi everybody. I have a (1×N) Green function in MATLAB. I want to use the FFt function for Green function to transform the time domain. Does the FFT command work correctly for Green function using: A=fft(Green function, nfft). Here nfft is the number of transformed points. Is it necessary that...
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    FFT for one 1*N Green function in MATLAB

    I have a 1×N Green function in energy domain. I want to use the FFT (fast fourier transform) for this Green function in MATLAB. But this function is non-periodic. Could you help me about this? How can I change the energy interval to convert Green function as a periodic function?
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    Some questions about Fourier transformation

    Hi, I'm writting a program in the computer and I've to perform a fast Fourier transform to get the frequency domain information. I've read different website, I've watched some videos, etc and I don't fully understand the whole theory about FFT. I've to say that I don't have a solid mathematics...
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    MATLAB Implementation of Fresnel Diffraction in MatLab

    I'm trying to simulate the Fresnel Diffraction in MatLab using the Fast Fourier Transform syntax. But I'm not getting really good diffraction patterns. Here is the code: %% Fourier Transform for G(p, q) g = layer.*exp(((1i*pi)/(lambda*z))*(r_obj)); G = fftshift(fft2(g)); %% Fourier Transform...