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FDA puts antibacterial hand soap to the test

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    FDA examining antibacterial soaps, body washes

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    If plain soap has any antibacterial properties, I don't see that they can put together a case against a product that's at least as effective as plain soap. It's like the bread companies that dye their white bread brown and advertise it as "wheat" bread. In both cases, they're not actually lying.
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    Also: your link isn't working for me, Greg.
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    The mechanical action of washing with water along with soap that breaks up oils is most effective at removing bacteria from your hands (and sending it down the drain) not so much at killing it.
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    I hate this.

    Does the FDA regulate Windex, Clorox and Tide? Do hand sanitizers really advertise that they are a replacement for washing (obviously the do not remove dirt)? Couldn't the FDA's time and my money be better spent regulating herbal suppliments, homeopathy and oxygenated water?
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    Windex and Tide are not designed to prevent disease, so they're not FDA. Clorox is regulated by FDA as it's marketed as a prevention.

    Some antibacterial sanitizers advertise that they kill 99.9% bacteria. I think that's the claim being regulated. Dirt won't kill you (might even have some minerals!).
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    Windex and household cleaning products in general are regulated by the EPA under TSCA. Disinfectants like Clorox are also regulated by the EPA (not FDA) as pesticides. FDA regulates antimicrobial products whose effects are on or in the human body. EPA regulates as pesticides those antimicrobial products and materials intended to treat inanimate materials, surfaces, etc. - from disinfectants to preservatives in paints.
    Hand sanitizers are not regulated under the monograph considered above. Industry has argued with the Agency on this matter since the late 1970's. Ironically, the monograph was then (and remains) titled "tentative final".

    Here's a better link:
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