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[FDTD/Fotran] detected reflection near boundary but don't know why

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    hi all,

    i have wrote codes for 2d fdtd in different permittivity (epsilon). in this code, cell size is 200 x 200, start with eps=1 from center, and different permittivity started at boundary (i1,i2) = (25,75) = (j1,j2), epsilon = 2. the problem is, when the wave propagates and approach (i1,i2) = (25,75) = (j1,j2), i have detected some reflections happened to the wave at timesteps, n after 50, the reflections become obvious.....i just wondering, why is that happened. i attached here the animation of the wave and my codes. i really have no idea how to solve this problem.

    Code (Text):

    subroutine test7
    implicit none

    double precision                                     :: f0,A0
    double precision                                     :: delta, deltat
    double precision                                     :: eps0,epsr,miu0,miur
    double precision                                     :: lamda
    double precision                                     :: omega
    double precision                                     :: S,k,c
    integer                                                     :: i,j
    integer                                                     :: ie,je,ic,jc,i1,i2,j1,j2
    integer                                                     :: n
    double precision,dimension(202,202)   :: Ez,Hy,Hx
    double precision,dimension(202,202)   :: Ca,Cb,Da,Db,Dax,Dbx,Day,Dby
    !double precision                                     :: Ca,Cb,Da,Db
    double precision,dimension(202,202)   :: miu,eps,sigma, sigmat
    double precision, parameter                 :: pi = 3.14159265
    character(len=20)                                   :: filename

    ! parameters
     f0 = 3.0e7
     eps0 = 8.8e-12
     miu0 =  4*pi*1e-7
     c = 3.e8
     lamda = c/f0
     omega = 2*pi*f0
     print *, 'lamda=',lamda
     A0 = 5.0
     k = 2*pi / lamda
     omega = c*k

    !courant stability factor
     !S = 1/sqrt(2.0)
    ! spatial and time grid steps
     delta = lamda/10
     deltat = delta/(2*c)
     print *, 'deltat=',deltat
    !model size
     ie = 100
     je = 100

     !source location
     ic = ie/2
     jc = je/2
     !boundary for different permittivity
     i1 = ie/4
     i2 = ie*3/4
     j1 = je/4
     j2 = je*3/4

    print*, 'see me?'

    !initialize Ez, Hx,Hy to zero at t=0
    do i = 1,ie
     do j = 1,je
       Hx(i,j) = 0.0
       Hy(i,j) = 0.0
       Ez(i,j) = 0.0
     end do
    end do

    !medium's properties
     miur = 1.0
     epsr = 1.0
      do i = 1,ie
       do j = 1,je
         !initialize permittivity and permeability
         eps(i,j) = epsr*eps0
         miu(i,j) = miur*miu0
       end do
      end do
      do i = i1,i2
        do j = j1,j2
         eps(i,j) = 2*eps0
         miu(i,j) = 1*miu0
        end do
     end do
      !medium's properties
    ! initialize electric conductivity & magnetic conductivity
      do i = 1,ie
       do j = 1,je  
         sigma(i,j) = 0.0
         sigmat(i,j) = 0.0
         Ca(i,j) = (2*eps(i,j)-deltat*sigma(i,j))/(2*eps(i,j)+deltat*sigma(i,j))
         Cb(i,j) = (2*deltat)/(2*eps(i,j)+deltat*sigma(i,j))
         Da(i,j) = (2*miu(i,j)-deltat*sigmat(i,j))/(2*miu(i,j)+deltat*sigmat(i,j))
         Db(i,j) = (2*deltat)/(2*miu(i,j)+deltat*sigmat(i,j))    
       end do
      end do

    ! beginning of timesteps
     do n = 1,300
      write (filename, "('data',I3.3,'.dat')") n
      open (unit=130,file=filename)
    !initiate sinusoidal wavepulse at center
      Ez(ic,jc) = A0*sin(2*pi*f0*n*deltat)
    ! calculate ez-field  
      do i = 2,ie-1
        do j = 2,je-1
              Ez(i,j) = Ca(i,j)*Ez(i,j) + Cb(i,j)*(Hy(i,j) - Hy(i-1,j) - Hx(i,j) + Hx(i,j-1))
              write (130,*) i,j,Ez(i,j)
              if (j == 99) write (130,*) ' '
    !          !print *,'i=',i,'j=',j,'Ez(i,j)=',Ez(i,j)
        end do
      end do

      do i = 1,ie-1
        do j = 1,je-1
          Hx(i,j) = Da(i,j)*Hx(i,j) + Db(i,j)*(Ez(i,j) - Ez(i,j+1))
              !print *,'i=',i,'j=',j,'Hx(i,j)=',Hx(i,j)
         end do
      end do
        do i = 1,ie-1
         do j = 1,je-1
              Hy(i,j) = Da(i,j)*Hy(i,j) + Db(i,j)*(Ez(i+1,j) - Ez(i,j))
              !print *,'i=',i,'j=',j,'Hy(i,j)=',Hy(i,j)
         end do
      end do

    close (unit=130)

    end do !n

    end SUBROUTINE test7

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    thank you for the reply. i just found out the problem caused by impedance mismatch. it is happened when i use different epsilon. wave impedance inversely proportional to the square of epsilon. So epsilon =1 wave impedance value is 1.414 times greater than epsilon= 2. If there is any impedance mismatch between the two layers it will create reflection. then, another problem, i found the cause of problem, but have no idea how to correct impedance mismatch in my simulation. do you have any idea?
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    I'm sorry, but as I have never used FDTD or worked with that kind of problem, I have no advice to give you.
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