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Feasibility of raising up an object with cord and satellite

  1. Jun 5, 2013 #1
    I know of the concept of a space elevator, and that right now it's not technologically in our grasp, but I thought up a variation on the concept.

    Using a cord with huge tensile strength, could an object on, or very close to, Earth be levitated off of the ground if it was connected with this cord to an satellite in geo-synchronous orbit that's speed would compensate for the weight of the hanging object.

    Of course there would be huge technical problems involved with the wind and weather, but would it be theoretically possible?
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    What is the difference between that and the Space Elevator concept? Just the orbital height of the satellite?
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    There's no difference at all . When you build a space elevator, you would also start at a geosynchronous orbit, and lower a really strong cord. You'll also need to let out a counterweight at a greater radius, or just raise the satellite while you lower the cord, to make sure the whole contraption stays in a geosynchronous orbit.
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