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Fed up with endnote - better citation software, anyone?

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    Hello Forum,

    I am currently working with endnote, but am rather fed up with it. I find it very annoying that I can not access document folders, and have to guess my way through the library folders if i want to find any of my PDFs again. Further more deleting a reference will NOT delete the actual PDF in the library. So while being quite usefull for finding references and including them into word, I find I have no control over my actual library and little to no chance to pass on a selection of files to colleagues.

    I am looking for a software that
    - allows me easy access to my actually stored files
    - does sort my files according to author/title or any other useful format (endnote simply uses the filename, effectively meaning I need to manually rename ANY pdf I download)
    - works well with MS word
    - allows importing endnote citations and/or libraries (since that seems to be the standard format on scientific webpages)

    Annotation function over program borders would be useful as well.

    I have recently been using calibre to manage downloaded ebooks, and while not adaptable for citations, have to say that this free(!!!) software offers all these options, while endnote costs a fair bit while being as practical as a dead cat.

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    Papers by Mekentosj, hands down.
    http://www.mekentosj.com/papers/ [Broken]

    Try it, you'll love it as well. Import papers by drag-and-drop or import papers directly from your browser window. Make smart folders to automatically organize papers by subject. Match to the repository to get all important information automatically linked to your file. Open and edit PDFs directly from the software, write notes. Works perfectly with Word. I've been using it for two years and am glad that I invested that little bit of money, I have no negative points.
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    Try Mendeley. It works really well and it's free
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