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Feedback Request Re U.S. Pat. 9,052,001

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    I've recently patented a device which converts high speed rotary motion to slow speed, ultraprecise, high force linear motion using a single, compact moving part. I've just begun the marketing/licensing process but am having trouble getting any useful feedback. If you'd be so kind, please look at the details of my invention at the link below and advise me as to what you think the positives and negatives of my invention are.

    Thank you!
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    Welcome to the PF.

    What are the target applications that you designed this for? I see there is a slide in your presentation comparing it to a linear screw mechanism -- is the advantage of your mechanism a bigger divide-down ratio?
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    I originally conceived the idea while designing autofocus lenses but the device serves any application requiring conversion of high speed rotary input motion to high force, slow speed, short range linear output motion. I've listed all the advantages at 7:38 in the video but in summary they are speed reductions up to 100:1, torque multiplications up to 100X, very high linear output forces, compactness, easily manufactured single moving part, compactness and infinitely variable "pitches" (ie. for every input rotation any linear step distance desired within the total range of movement).
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    Maybe you can check if there are specialized exhibitions where you can show your design and talk to other companies about your product.
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