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A request for admission (sometimes also called a request to admit) is a set of statements sent from one litigant to an adversary, for the purpose of having the adversary admit or deny the statements or allegations therein. Requests for admission are part of the discovery process in a civil case. In the U.S. federal court system, they are governed by Rule 36 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.

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  1. M

    What is the physics behind performing a wheelie on a motorcycle?

    I need to understand the mechanics involved in performing a wheelie. That includes analyzing the free-body diagram. And considering all the factors involved in performing this manoeuvre in motorbilkes.
  2. Al-Layth

    Resource Request for Relativistic Mechanics

    I am aware of the Newtonian model of Gravitation and I am interested in Relativistic Mechanics. I do not know anything about relativistic mechanics other than its more "accurate" at modelling gravitation and that it "reduces" to the classical formulation in some cases. I only want to be able...
  3. varocketry

    Request a Diagram or Explanation to wire 220v-50/60hz UK 3-wire device

    Planning a kitchen renovation. We've found a SIEMENS iQ700 glass downdraft extractor [model LD98WMM60B] that we'd love to use. It, of course, is only available in EUROPE. EAN code : 4242003907122 Connection rating : 300 W Fuse protection : 10 A Voltage : 220-240 V Frequency : 50; 60 Hz Plug...
  4. Simobartz

    I Request for an example of minimum energy principle (thermodynamics)

    Summary: Request for an example of minimum energy principle usage The minimum energy principle states that, for a system at constant entropy, volume and other extensive quantities, the internal energy is minimized at equilibrium. Can you give me an example in which, using this principle, is it...
  5. Y

    3D Printed Metal Custom Tool Request

    Does anyone on here have a 3D printer for metal? I'm looking to get a custom made socket wrench fabricated for 10 mm bolts or nuts. I'm looking for one that is extremely low profile. I don't care about the drive style (1/4", 1/2", 3/4", 1", external hex etc). The smallest mass produced one I...
  6. shivajikobardan

    MHB Why is AJAX request terminology causing confusion?

    https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/9QsQWXl9st7BwAufKwea7kxOpXwRzJCEIvN0MWmtaJy9aHgfopZQQ0pYHtcXfoNAJzGbP-x89zFcYwzI7FcZnNlHRI3eezngpJUJq1tPIYpCUImKTqvRlDTjScYf7n0jY9-NoMZLgl9dt-MOLQ Its explanation-...
  7. A

    Lawyer request change by defendant or plaintiff in court.

    According to the law, can a defendant or Plaintiff change his/her lawyer after certain court proceedings in both civil/criminal cases. Example. A Court is adjourned and given a certain date for next proceeding. Now the Plaintiff or Defendant would like to change his/her lawyer giving...
  8. F

    B A request regarding Newton's beads/chain fountain phenomenon

    I am wondering if any of the scientists here with access to the necessary equipment would be willing to demonstrate this phenomenon under vacuum. A chamber of appropriate height or rigging the beads to a drill(as shown in some variations of the experiment) should suffice. My reason for this...
  9. F

    I Request for Input: 2D Minkowski Spacetime Diagram Generator

    I’m planning to write a 2D Minkowsky spacetime diagram generator tool. At this point, I am looking for help reviewing the specification. I am not looking for help with the implemenation. To be clear, I’ve written a complete specification, but it would be a waste if it was missing features that...
  10. ergospherical

    A Rate of Change of Bondi-Sachs Mass: Derivation Reference

    If ##(u,v)## are null coordinates and ##S(u,v)## a two-surface of constant ##u## and ##v## then the Bondi-Sachs mass ##M_{\mathrm{BS}}(u) = -\dfrac{1}{8\pi} \displaystyle{\lim_{v \rightarrow \infty}} \oint_{S(u,v)}(k-k_0) \sqrt{\sigma} d^2 \theta## satisfies (Poisson, 2007)\begin{align*}...
  11. T

    Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed) No Drive Letter

    Problem: Tablet is not detectable by computers. Yet... it is noted as "Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed)" in the device manager under Universal Serial Bus controllers. I have already done the basic 30 articles reading and tried the standard suggestions including: Try a...
  12. M

    Unusual request re: Matter and Dark matter and song lyrics

    Summary:: I've written a song based on a lecture I attended re: the universe. I'm hoping to confirm facts re: Dark Matter, etc. discussed within the song. I have a somewhat unusual request: I have written a song based on a lecture I attended re: the universe. Before recording and releasing...
  13. Emmanuel Pil

    A Request for a review of a paper on consciousness creating reality.

    The paper I refer to, I found on the Big Think blog titled "Is human consciousness creating reality? And here is the actual link to the paper. Unfortunately, this paper is too technical for me, hence the request for a review for such a big claim.
  14. wrobel

    I Where Can I Find the Textbook Reference for Hamiltonian Systems with Equal Orbit Periods?

    There is a nice fact. It approximately sounds like that: Let ##H=H(p,q)## be a Hamiltonian system with ##n## degrees of freedom such that all its orbits are closed. Then the periods of all the orbits belonging to the same energy level are the same. Please which textbook does contain this? I...
  15. T

    B Request for an up to date list of cosmological theories

    Is there an up to date list of all cosmological theories resource which provides some or preferably all of the following information: Which theories are considered speculative and even highly speculative? (degree 1 to 4) Which theories are still actively being worked on and roughly how many...
  16. D

    MHB Request to Solve Symbolic Logic Questions Using Strengthened Conditional Proof

    Sir/madam, I request you to solve 2 questions ( q-3 and q-5 ) of symbolic logic ( Strenthened method of conditional proof ). These questions are taken from I.M.Copi's 'symbolic logic' ( edition -5, sec. 3.8, pg- 61 ) File is being attached. thank you yours truly Deep Kumar Trivedi
  17. Z

    Request to Improve the Complexity of a Probability Question for students

    Hi, I want to frame the above Probability question for computer science students. I have stated my idea above but I want to refine it so that it becomes a more comprehensive real world problem. Zulfi.
  18. e101101

    Hecht optics: Request for screenshot of this figure please

    Can someone simply screenshot this figure and send to me: Consider Figure 5.4 d) on page 153 of Hecht. As shown, converging rays that are headed toward the point F convert to a plane wave upon hitting the boundary between n2 and n1.
  19. Guidestone

    Request for historical background on the concept of voltage

    Hi all. I'll get to the point. I've been interested in electricity since I was in college. Concepts such as current and resistance seemed easy to grasp for me but voltage remains a little bit obscure. It's thanks to this forum (specially forum members Jim Hardy r.i.p and SophieCentaur, sorry if...
  20. H

    I Request for a clarification about the Ward identity

    Hi I've been reading Peskin & Schroeder lately and I have some confusions over the ward identity. So I think I understand how the identity works at a practical level but not exactly where it comes from. To illustrate my questions (which are difficult to state generally), I will make use the...
  21. PainterGuy

    Interrupts, bus request operations

    Hi, Could you please help me with the queries below? Please have a look on this attachment. Question 1: It says, "Because the processor cannot know when an interrupt will occur, it automatically saves on the register stack status information about the program that is executing at the time...
  22. Q

    'Thought Provoking' Request: UnOptimal ContinuumMechanics Terminology?

    A) I understand that an 'Ideal Fluid' Describe Behavior of Matter in Phase States of liquid/gas and sometimes Bulk-Solid: -continually deform under applied shear stress or external force -usually zero shear modulus -behavior can further be specified by Constitutive Material model for that fluid...
  23. G

    Request about experiments on the linear-motion Faraday paradox

    The Faraday paradox is a very curious example in the topic of relative motion. An experiment demonstrating the curious results is shown in the video below: This has made me curious about the linear version of the Faraday paradox. A conductor placed atop a magnet, both at rest in one scenario...
  24. m4r35n357

    I Request for specific derivative data

    I am writing some automatic differentiation routines for Taylor series, and would like to verify my results for the value and first six derivatives of ##sinh## and ##cosh## evaluated at ##\pi /3##, and also ##tanh##, and ##sec^2##, evaluated at ##\pi / 4##. I have attempted to use this site to...
  25. R

    Find the coefficient from the expansion (Explanation request

    Homework Statement Coefficient of xy(z^-2) in (x-2y+3(z^-1))^4 Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution [/B] I was wondering if anyone could give me an explanation for my answer? The coeffecient of xy(z^-2) does not = 4 where I would be able to use the multinomial theorem. So since I...
  26. A

    MHB Reference request for self-studying multiple Riemann integrals

    As the title says, I would like to self-study multivariable real analysis (integration, specifically; the Riemann integral) and I need some recommendations (resources, books, videos, ...). I'm from Croatia and got my hands on some Croatian notes about multivariable real analysis so if some of...
  27. Philip Dhingra

    I Feedback Requested: Special Relativity Simplified by Phil

    I took a stab at simplifying Special Relativity, but I want to be 100% sure I'm not butchering physics in the process. Anybody care to weigh in on that? Here is a draft of my Medium article: https://medium.com/@philipkd/special-relativity-explained-with-a-deck-of-cards-f99bfd873bd5 Thanks, - Phil
  28. Joppy

    MHB Differential forms - Reference request

    Hi. Can anyone recommend a text introducing differential forms along with all the necessary pre-requisites for understanding them? For example, I'm not really familiar with tensor calculus but would like to shortcut studying it completely separately to learning differential forms. If that's too...
  29. Joppy

    MHB Reference request - Measure theory

    Hi! Can anyone recommend a good introductory book for measure theory? I've found Terence Tao's online book to be a good start, but would I be asking too much if I wanted something even more introductory? Ultimately I'm working toward Ergodic theory (and probability theory along the way) with...
  30. R

    I Exploring Quantum Physics: Understanding Experiments and Interpretations

    Greetings… I am interested in philosophy and while reading about "philosophy of physics" I came across "Quantum Physics" (quantum mechanics to be exact). I need a book (or several books if one can't encompass what I want) that explains the experiments that were conducted on this matter and the...
  31. W

    Request for Large Databases (100,000+ rows) to Practice with

    Hi All, I am trying to up my game in SQL Server in general. Specifically, my knowledge has been obtained so far by working with very small-scale databases ( fewer than 200 rows). Does anyone know of free larger-scale databases that are available? Thanks.
  32. M

    Best Algebra TextBook For Self Learner?

    Hi there, I have been searching multiple websites and forums but have not found a cohesive answer to my queries. I am currently going through this textbook to learn pre-algebra: https://www.amazon.com/dp/0618250034/?tag=pfamazon01-20 Also, is this a good book to be studying as an autodidact...
  33. C

    A Ikonal equation integration -- source code request

    Hi. I would like a source code to integrate the ikonal equation. I would like to compute the ray path. Of course I am able to compute the phase refractive index n(x,y). Cartesian system is preferred. Can anybody give me a suggestion? Bye, Carlos
  34. S

    Lenz' Law - request for formula (for 2 given cases)

    Homework Statement Assume a uniform hollow cylindrical copper tube with the following parameters: Inner radius = R0 Outer Radius = R1 Length = L1 (Length > Outer Radius) Mass = M1 Now assume a cylindrical permanent magnet with the parameters: Length = L0 (L0 < L1) Mass = M0 Magnetic...
  35. K

    A What is the best program for MSEM? Student Request

    My research requires using the multilevel structural equation model (MSEM). I've read countless articles related to MSEM and I have not been able to pinpoint the best program. They vary from SPSS, MPlus, SAS, LISREL, AMOS, R2, etc. Any recommendations? I've asked around my academic circle and...
  36. W

    A References Request: Factor Analysis on Non-Continuous Variables

    Hi All, I need to do some work on Factor Analysis on Non-Continuous variables. I have searched the web, but found nothing of much substance. I would appreciate references on helpful sources on it. Thanks.
  37. F

    Request for Advice on a Physics Lab

    Hello I'm trying to come up with a solid Lab to use for my chapter on Waves and Optics. I am considering having it center on refraction. Here is the problem: All labs I create for my class must avoid being a set of instructions for the student to perform. The must always be set up as a...
  38. S

    Can't seem to make URL request from ElapsedEventHandler

    I've spent 10+ hours on trying to solve this and can't get it to work! In short, I have a method private async void LoadAndSavePage(object source, ElapsedEventArgs e) { // ... } which is being called every 1 second when the Windows Service that contains...
  39. T

    Intro Physics Seeking a good Undergraduate physics textbook

    First off, sorry for posting yet another one of these threads. I've scavenged through this forum for undergrad textbook recommendations and have been somewhat overwhelmed. I'm beginning first year soon and would like a textbook that I can rely on as either my main textbook, or at least a...
  40. O

    PhD Metallurgy Research Design Template Request

    Hello everyone, I have a request. Can someone please provide me with a metallurgy research design template? I'm starting my 5th year in a MSE PhD program and for the last 3 years my advisor has instructed me to perform experiments on my alloy without reason. And while I thought this was...
  41. D

    Programs Advice Request for a Fresh Physics Student

    Hi everyone, So to provide some background, I'm a 20 year old student in a community college who is about to transfer to a 4 year school in the coming winter. My interest in physics is fairly recent, as I was planning on becoming an astronomer when I entered college, but took an algebra based...
  42. M

    Ordered set proof review request

    Homework Statement , relevant equations, and the attempt at a solution are all in the attached file. I was reading through Invitation to Discrete Mathematics and attempted to solve an exercise that involved a proof. I've typeset everything in LaTeX and made a PDF out of it so that it does not...
  43. C

    Feedback Request Re U.S. Pat. 9,052,001

    I've recently patented a device which converts high speed rotary motion to slow speed, ultraprecise, high force linear motion using a single, compact moving part. I've just begun the marketing/licensing process but am having trouble getting any useful feedback. If you'd be so kind, please look...
  44. H

    General-Electric GEnx turbofan engine picture label request

    Hi! I am a student who is passionate about engines and mechanics (although the major I'm pursuing is CS.I believe we must not inhibit our intellectual curiosity). The following link will take you to the picture of an uncovered General Electric Next Generation Turbofan engine used by the 787...
  45. L

    Advice request good study stats along discrete math

    I study a textbook in Discrete Math 7e Rosen , I am in ch.4 Number Theory Mainly for computer science improvement (cs) Is it ok study same time a Probability & Statistics textbook again for cs...? I have background in Calculus I II and Linear Algebra & web development.
  46. W

    LaTeX Info Request: "Latex Search Engine"?

    Hi All,' I remember there was a site where one could search using math symbols, like > , and Math terms. Anyone know what the name/address of that site is? Thanks.
  47. C

    MHB Calculate Grains of Wheat: A Program for Chess Inventor's Request

    There is a story of the inventor of chess. The king wanted to reward him with riches, but he only asked for the following. One grain of wheat for the first square, two on the second, four on the third, doubling the amount for each square until 64 squares are accounted for. Questions 1) Design...
  48. Puddle

    Which Physics Books Would Be Best for Self-Study?

    Hello, I just finished high school and will be starting a math degree next year. However, I have recently become interested in physics and am thinking of switching to a joint math/physics degree in year 2, so I will want to spend my first year privately studying some select physics books. My...
  49. M

    Reference Request - Books for mastering Data Structures

    Thank you for taking the time to stop by this thread. I am in a Computer Science Engineering course and have just finished my first year. I don't think the first year was very fulfilling in terms of quench in my thirst for knowledge. But that's alright because it was largely unrelated to my...
  50. M

    Other Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics Request

    I've started using LaTeX to take notes on Donald Fitts' Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics. After I finish, I intend to use other resources to add more to it. Fitts' book focuses on classical fluid nonequilibrium thermodynamics (i.e. doesn't use statistical mechanics but instead uses continuum...