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FEMM transformer simulation

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    hi there,

    i'm trying to simulate a ETD core http://www.ferroxcube.com/prod/assets/etd29.pdf" [Broken] transformer using FEMM free software but i'm not getting it...i've done some simulations with pot cores and had no problem with that, using the axissymmetric mode. bue this type of core is not axyssymmetric... i've been looking for examples but couldn't find any. should i try to design the ferrite cores in AutoCAD or SolidWorks and export the .dxf file? would it work? has anybody tried it or something lookalike? if somebody could link some examples here would be great...thx
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    Hi nagsper
    I' m new in this list , but for using CAD for FEMM Google sketchup 8 is the best (free and easy) you just have to follow instruction to have two files mores to produce the DXF outputs
    see ont ggogle sketchup site to find out the DXF options
    but avoid sharp angles (under 10° that increase too much the mesching pass !!!!)
    for output on Skethup see tools --> export to DXF or STL --> select the model !!
    select the units --> export to DXF option : lines
    and your model is build ...
    have fun !
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