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Filenames with spaces in Bash script

  1. Aug 15, 2008 #1
    I get a bunch of input files from a Windows data recorder. It produces file names with spaces everywhere. I am trying to write a script to process these files. This process involves several steps with multiple output files generated. I want to strip off the extension of the input file and use the name with different extensions for the output files.

    Example: I can manually type the file names with ' ' and this works
    for FILE in 'file 1' 'file 2' 'file 3'
    stuff1 < ${FILE}.in > ${FILE}.out1
    stuff2 < ${FILE}.in > ${FILE}.out2

    Example: I try to automatically get filenames
    for FILE in `ls -1 *.in | awk -F. '{ print $1; }'`
    stuff1 < ${FILE}.in > ${FILE}.out1
    stuff2 < ${FILE}.in > ${FILE}.out2
    This fails because FILE contains file 1 file 2 file 3 and so the loop uses just "file" not "file 1".

    Example: I tried to use awk to add ' ' around the file names, something like:
    for FILE in `ls -1 *.in | awk -F. '{ print "\'", $1, "\'"; }'`
    But no matter what I try I get a syntax failure.

    Any ideas?
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  3. Aug 15, 2008 #2
    Solved: The fix was to use read in a while loop instead of using a for loop. I used variable substition instead of awk to seperate the file name from the extension

    ls -1 *.in | while read FILE
    stuff1 < "${FI}.in" > "${FI}.out1"
    stuff2 < "${FI}.in" > "${FI}.out2"
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