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Final Year Project (BEng) Ideas

  1. Jan 23, 2009 #1
    Hey All

    I am looking for some ideas, or what might be an interesting project for a final year project for a Degree.

    My degree is Mech Eng, but my key areas are:

    - Aerospace
    - Programming/Code/Systems
    - Electronics/Signals
    - Thermo/Fluid Dynamics

    I was thinking of doing some aerospace related project, but cant find much that needs a good bit of research doing.

    I was also thinking about Engines.

    Looking for some good research areas/ideas and then what to call the title.

    Asking a lot i know, but i have so many things i am interested in i will spend to much time chopping and changing, thus asking here to get some good ideas and run with one.
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    How about picking something one of your university's research groups are working on? Or something relevant to the field in which you want to work?
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    Does your school have a wind tunnel?
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    I wonder if you would be interested in doing aerodynamical research on things from the natural world.Birds have been well researched but how about seeds?The dandelion and sycamore come to mind.
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    are you interested in Solar energy ?

    it's a really great field, you can do a lot of projects related to it

    like solar desalination, solar refrigeration or heating purposes
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    I am at one of those that does little in the way of research, I was at a good Uni that did research in Aerospace mainly, thus wanting to run with that idea.

    Yes, its an OK one too, used for the Automotive chaps, whats was you thinking then? thanks.

    Interesting, and i can get the mechanical content from Theromodynamics and Fluids, so may be worth considering as its very, very unusual. BUT, who would be interested in this research?

    I was thinking of doing something related to green energy with an aerospace theme, so yes i am interested in it to a degree, think be worth bearing in mind too.


    The more ideas the better though, as i have to get someone at Uni to mentor this project, so the more i can take to them the better as i am bound to hit upon something they think is worth doing sooer or later.

    Big push on Automotive in my Uni, but i am stearing clear of that.
  8. Feb 6, 2009 #7
    Any more ideas? was thinking i am best to stick to aerospace and thermodynamics/fluids as this is my main area of interest, thanks
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