What is Final year project: Definition and 36 Discussions

Final Fantasy VII Remake is a 2020 action role-playing game developed and published by Square Enix. It is the first in a planned series of games remaking the 1997 PlayStation game Final Fantasy VII. Set in the dystopian cyberpunk metropolis of Midgar, players control mercenary Cloud Strife. He joins AVALANCHE, an eco-terrorist group trying to stop the powerful megacorporation Shinra from using the planet's life essence as an energy source. The gameplay combines real-time action with strategic and role-playing elements.
Remake was announced in 2015 following years of speculation. Several key staff members returned, including character designer Tetsuya Nomura as director, director Yoshinori Kitase as producer, scenario writer Kazushige Nojima as story and scenario writer, event planner Motomu Toriyama as a co-director, and composer Nobuo Uematsu who returned to write the game's main theme. The staff redesigned the characters to balance realism and stylization. While the veteran Japanese Final Fantasy VII voice cast returned, the English voices were recast.
The game was released for the PlayStation 4 in April 2020. It received positive reviews, with praise for its graphics, gameplay, narrative, and music. Critics applauded how faithful the story and lore was to the original game from 1997 while expanding on it. The updated battle system was praised for its strategic elements and visual flourishes. However, reception was more mixed toward the game's linearity and the repetitive nature of its sidequests. Final Fantasy VII Remake became one of the fastest-selling PlayStation 4 games, selling over 3.5 million copies within three days and five million by August. An enhanced version for the PlayStation 5, Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, was released in June 10, 2021.

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  1. S

    Thinking of a PhD based on undergrad research experience

    Hi everyone, I am a final-year undergraduate in Physics. I actually created this account purely to ask for some advice. I have been considering pursuing a physics PhD ever since my first year, but my current experience in my final-year project (FYP) has been difficult and I'm wondering if this...
  2. Jadaav

    I Final year project/ dissertation ideas

    Hello, I'm currently on a BSc Physics course and I need some ideas for my final year project. I'm mostly thinking about Climate and Astronomy or a mixture of both would suit me more. Regards, Jadaav.
  3. Z

    Air Hockey Calculation for Air Blowing System

    Hello, Right now I'm doing a Final Year Project 1 which is Air Hockey. The different between our air hockey and normal air hockey are our air hockey is octagonal shape. but now I'm stuck at calculating the air pressure for the table. can you help us? again this is just a school project not...
  4. Dimitri655

    What are some good ideas for capstone project?

    Hey guys! I'm a ME student starting my 3rd year and I am trying to come up with project ideas for next year. I was wondering if you could help me out. For the moment I was mostly interested in eco friendly/ sustainable projects but I'm not completely up to date on the subject so I'm not sure...
  5. A

    Final Year Project EET: Ideas Wanted

    I am looking for any ideas for my final year project for my electronics engineering technology course... Please let me know some of your ideas
  6. Thorp- Downes

    Third year physics project (teaching)

    Hi all, I am currently a second year physics student who has started thinking about his third year project, I am hoping to do teaching upon completion of my degree and have been advised to link my final year long project to teaching in some way. The issue I am having isn't thinking of a...
  7. R

    Which final year project should i choose as an Eng undrgrad?

    I am doing Electrical and Electronics engineering. I am current in my 6th sem (8 in total). From the 7th sem i would have to choose a topic/project for my final year, which will go on till the end of the course. I want to pursue physics as my graduate studies. I have been trying to think of...
  8. A

    Creative Engineering Projects: Inspiring Ideas for Final Year Projects

    Hello! I'm new here and I really need help from you guys. I'm an engineering student and need to do project proposal for my final year project. We have 6 month to do the proposal and I cannot think of any idea. I have experience in using -Lathe -CNC Turning and Milling -Milling machine -Drilling...
  9. A

    Need some help deciding Final Year Project Ideas welcome

    Hi I'm about to start my 3rd year in my Engineering university and would like some ideas for my Final Year project... We have 2 options. We can either make a model/prototype of something and present it OR we can do a research on a particular field. I'm leaning more towards the research side...
  10. Y

    Need helps for my final year project topic

    I am an electronic and comm. engineering student, I have trouble in choosing my final year project topic. At first, I decided to build an passward/face recognition based Android app for wireless door lock/unlock system. However, this idea was banned by my supervisor because of lack of...
  11. E

    Programs Electronic engineering degree final year project ideas

    Hi, I am looking to start preparing for my final year project in my Industrial Electronic and control engineering degree and I'm trying to figure out a good strong, realistic scope for my project. I'm a part time student already working within the automotive industry. I have one idea to...
  12. M

    Final year project on archemedes screw

    hey guys! i want to work on archemedian screw/its applications as my final year engineering project. can u help me to make it more engineering affiliated ? i got this idea from a site related to school level science project...i really want to do this. please suggest ideas! thanks in advance.:smile:
  13. D

    Seeking FEA Help with Final Year Project

    Hi Guys, I'm new to the forum so please be gentle with me. I am a final year mechanical engineering student in Ireland and i am doing my final year project on reduceing solidification cracks that are occurring in a weldment of a NI-Super alloy during the welding process. I believe that a...
  14. J

    Calling in all Electrical Engineers- Final Year Project help needed

    Calling in all Electrical Engineers- Final Year Project help needed! I needed some help from you guys regarding my Final year project. Basically my project is about a hydrogen fuel cell that charges the batteries in cars, its a hybrid system. The fuel cell is PEMFC (proton exchange membrane...
  15. A

    Medical Suggestions for my final year project

    I am biomedical enginerring student, I am working to gather Ideas for my graduation project and I will appreciate if anyone provides me with some ideas and some relaible sources (if any) for any innovative biomedical engineering project
  16. M

    Mechanical Final year project for 3 person

    Can help me with any idea what topic that suitable for 3 person in Mechanical Final Year Project? I am more with "design" and "built" mechanical parts.
  17. S

    Final year project in electromagnetics/RF/Photonics

    Hello everyone this is my first post on PhysicsForums I am in my second year of electronic systems engineering degree and I have to choose a final year project. I am really enjoying the modules on RF engineering and electromagnetics, especially electromagnetics is just too interesting...
  18. S

    Can anyone help me out for final year project

    Hi I am a final year student at Salford university manchester. I need idea for my final year project. Can anyone help me out n this matter Regards Sal
  19. E

    Mechanical Final Year Project Ideas

    Hi, what do you suggest me? I prefer something relevant to energies (wind, solar etc) and to be something who i can found many info on the web to help me with my project.
  20. N

    Selecting a Final Year Project: Power & Programming

    Please give me some advice on final year project selection. I want a power related project with heavy programming involved. Thanks for the help guys!
  21. I_am_learning

    Suggest Final Year Project for EE

    I am nearing my final year in my EE, and I have started thinking what final year project I would do. What did you do? Please suggest me something, that is interesting to do, a bit challenging, and preferably that sells and can be implemented somewhere in real-world. I have HVDC in mind...
  22. S

    Ideas for final year project of mechanical engineering

    Title basically explains what I'm asking for. It is supposed to be a major design project with complete design, analysis and implementation. Our faculty consistently produces a whole bunch of the dullest projects every year. Suggest something with quite a bit of a wow-factor.
  23. D

    Design a flywheel for my final year project

    hi friends,i am going to design a flywheel for my final year project.how to design it? actually my project is electric bicycle.i am going to connect fly wheel with gears.my cycle will power by both manually & electrically.
  24. B

    Final year project on mobile cellular network

    Hi, Am new on this forum.I am about to start my final year in electronics and telecommunication and i am planning for my final year project a research on how traffic (signaling) in a specific cell in a cellular network can be sent to another cell when there is a huge congestion like in a...
  25. D

    Final year project ideas in mechanical engineering

    hi!... friends.. am new to this phyisics forum.. can anyone assist me in doing ma final year project? please give me some basic ideas to start with... thanks in advance..
  26. Y

    Undergraduate final year project topic.

    Let me explain my situation in short terms. 1. to get a degree here(malaysia), we'll need to work on an undergraduate final year project which is sort of alike thesis? basically an undergraduate research program. 2. I like theoretical or computational physics. Well, perhaps the math, quantum...
  27. S

    Materials Engineering Final Year Project Ideas

    Does anyone know any challenging Materials engineering related project I could undertake , I am in my final year and I would want a challenging final year project, preferably in industry.
  28. V

    Help choosing final year project - renewable energy

    Hi guys, I am a mechanical engineering student and before the end of this year, I must select final year project to do research on. I am really interested in renewable energy and have a particular interest in wind energy/wind turbines. I am after a project that will require me to do site...
  29. H

    Final Year Project (BEng) Ideas

    Hey All I am looking for some ideas, or what might be an interesting project for a final year project for a Degree. My degree is Mech Eng, but my key areas are: - Aerospace - Programming/Code/Systems - Electronics/Signals - Thermo/Fluid Dynamics I was thinking of doing some...
  30. V

    What are some unique ideas for a physics final year project?

    I'm just going to my second year in the university as a physics major and I'm trying to beat time by starting research on my final year project(something new and involves both theoretical and experimental ideas) but i don't seem to get any ideas.please help.
  31. K

    Design Inverter for Solar Cells | Final Year EE Student

    Hi I'm a final year EE student and its time for me to do my project.I've thought of a topic nd thats- "Inverter design for solar cells" but i don know wher to start nd how to proceed. can any of u provide me circuit diagrams with explanations, or any links to such sites.since this is a general...
  32. E

    MATLAB Matlab - - final year project (ion propusion)

    Homework Statement Hi, I'm trying to simulate an electrostatic craft going from low Earth orbit to a geostationary orbit, but I'm having some trouble with matlab. I'm not the most confident programmer at the best of times, but needs must and so I've given it a go. As far as I can tell my...
  33. D

    Can Microsoft VB and Access Integrate with GSM for SMS Notifications?

    Hi guys, I'm a final year Electrical Engineering student need help from you guys. my project is to build a system that will help the student to know their final semester result via sms. it designed using Microsoft Access for its database and Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 as interface. my...
  34. S

    Need ideas for final year project

    hello every one i wanted you guys to help me i want some ideas on what to build as a final year project i am runnig out of ideas the project should have something to do with cars and/or electronics people at my univ have already designed a hybrid vehical and an efi injection kit i want to...
  35. C

    Final Year Project Ideas: Astronomy with a Celestron Telescope

    Hi there, I am entering my 3rd year of my physics degree and I recently purchased a Celestron 11'' Schmidt Cassegrain telescope. My lecturer advised me before the summer holidays to work on an area of astronomy/astrophysics for my final year project. Would anyone have any ideas on what I...
  36. R

    Build a pulse-jet for my final year project

    Hello, I have taken on the task to build a pulse-jet for my final year project and could do with help designing an outside test cell to measure thrust. I am considering attaching the jet to the test cell using a strain gauge pin. What do you think??