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Programs Financial Mathematics Phd Prerequisites

  1. Apr 10, 2009 #1
    There seems to be a lot of info out there (on the web) on the pay packets for Quants/Actuaries however there isn't enough info on what sort background is required to get into a Financial Maths/actuarial phd program.

    What sorts of undergrad degrees would someone "typically" have when they apply into these courses?

    What specific area of math/finance/stats would be of the most importance?
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    Commerce, economics, statistics, or mathematics. Some schools even have an econ/math specialist.

    You would need the first two years of all math/statistics/economics courses, ie. things like multivariable calculus, continous statistics, macro & micro economics. Then take a bunch of junior/senior courses in your specialty. I would personally reccommend you have a weak real analysis course too, as this comes up in advanced economics. You don't need the level of rudin; any applied real variables course should suffice.

    Actuarial science is a seperate field from most business programs and doesnt usually require a PhD. You get a bachelors, and do a series of exams which typically last for ~10 years instead of doing graduate schools. Quants are usually just math grad students or people who specialized in financial mathematics.
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    If you're getting a financial math degree you'll start off in a grad level measure theory class with the rest of the incoming math grad students so you'll want to have a really strong foundation in analysis and linear algebra.
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