Find min, max of an unfamiliar function

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    For every x over ℝ, find min, max of following expression

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    3. The attempt at a solution
    I've graphed it but it's really complex. How can I find that points? Thank you so much :)
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    "every x over ℝ" - this shows up as a box in my browser.
    I'm assuming that you wrote the right side correctly, where there are three terms, with 1 being a term by itself. Rewrite the right side as a single rational expression. What is the least common denominator?
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    You need to use Calculus, setting the derivative to zero. That gives you a 4th degree polynomial to solve; its two real roots correspond to the max and min. (They are the roots of the polynomial x4 - 8x3 - 1.)

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