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Find some clearly written books about quantum physics

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    Guys help me to find some clearly written books about quantum physics please....

    Before thanks!
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    What counts as a clear book all depends on your background. Are you looking for a text aimed at undergraduates?

    One example (which has the benefit of being free to download which is why I refer to it) is a new book by James Binney and David Skinner:

    In print, I personally like Shankar's book on the topic too: The Principles of Quantum Mechanics - R Shankar.

    But I'm a theory-inclined person, and what is 'clear' for one person might not be for someone else. If you explain your background there might be more targeted suggestions possible.
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    Are you looking for a non-mathematical descriptive overview, or a real textbook?

    Also, how much mathematics do you know already, and how much other physics (classical mechanics, electricity & magnetism)?
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    U know I look for a non-mathematical descriptive overview and as far as a real textbook. I like to read both kind of books. My mathematics isn't so perfect but I know mathematics so so. If u could advise me some book 'bout maths would be better too.
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