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Homework Help: Finding angular speed of a precessing gyroscope

  1. Mar 31, 2013 #1

    Haven't done much work with gyroscopes, so I think I'm just missing something obvious, but since I'm using very basic formulas, I cannot see my error. The stated answer is [itex]1.8*10^3 rev/min[/itex], so I am clearly off.
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    Keep track of all of your units in your calculation. Note that using dL/dt = ΩpL requires Ωp to be in rad/s or rad/min (depending on your unit of time). I would suggest sticking with SI units throughout the calculation and then converting to rev/min at the end.
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    Ahh! Converting to rad/s first and converting to rev/min at the end does work. So it WAS something simple :P Thank you!
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