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Homework Help: Finding density of fluid from a mass on a spring in fluid

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    When setting up the sum of forces I had an unknown value for the spring, buoyancy, and normal force. What I tried was setting up a triangle to find the length of the spring, which was 1.039m with that I could find the force acting on the spring, 4.3N, which would be the buoyant force I believe, but when plugging it in to find the density my answer is higher than the right answer.
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    We ask the users here at PF try to post their HW questions in the appropriate subject forum, which is why your thread appears now in the Introductory Physics HW Forum rather than the Pre-Calculus Mathematics HW Forum. Proper placement of these threads will help you get more users looking at your thread and trying to help.
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    Thought that was the right one sorry.
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