Finding general solution for y(t): Very Difficult

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Find y(t) assuming that y(0) = 4000

Homework Equations

This is what I know!

v = 20√10 x ((1+Ae^(t/√10))÷(1-Ae^(t/√10)))


A = -1 when finding particular solution to satisfy initial condition v(0).

Terminal velocity = 63.246 m.s^-2

The Attempt at a Solution

The question states to substitute the solution for velocity into th efollowing equation and solve for y(t).

y' = v

I don't really know where to start and have been trying numerous methods help desperatley needed. Thank You
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You mean, the initial condition is v(0) = terminal velocity? If this is correct, then simply integrate v(t) to find y(t) and use the boundary condition to determine the integration constant. Also, I assume the "x" in your definition of v means "times"?
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Firstly yes the 'x' means times sorry bad formatting, second if that is the case how would I go about integrating v(t) to find y(t)?

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