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Finding golf balls in the rough (ultrasonic idea)

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    I'm trying to design a solution to the problem of finding golf balls in the rough. I've had a few thoughts so far:
    - Image processing to detect white objects in a predominantly green environment
    - UV light emitter and detector to take advantage of fluoresence of the whitening coating of the ball
    - Ultrasonic system to detect solid objects in grass, followed by profiling to determine shape

    I expect the system should be portable so golfers can scan the grass as they walk and receive some feedback when a ball is found.

    My main focus is on the latter idea and I was wondering if anyone with any experience of ultrasound knew if this was possible. Would, perhaps, the solid ball reflect ultrasound waves more strongly than a clump of grass? Once I've established if this works I can (attempt to) devise a system to ID a ball from any other solid object.

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    I believe ultrasound requires a certain density medium to effectively travel through and get a response. Although the transmitter/emitter is probably adjustable...

    This is just an assumption based on the ultrasound probes used to check out fetus's (feti?) shape and size during pregnancy.

    I also like the idea of the UV light emitter, but I have a feeling the sunlight could pose a problem when trying to detect reflected UV light, maybe not once again, I'm no expert but I hope it helps.
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