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Finding height and time from angle and velocity

  1. Oct 10, 2007 #1
    A toy rocket is launched with a velocity of 30 at an angle of 50 deg. How would I find the height, distance, and time from that? Please help...
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    Seeing that your question has not been shifted to the homework section, I’ll give you some idea. But the whole thing can be found in any high school mechanics book.

    I assume that the toy rocket doesn’t have a propulsion system and is simply given an initial velo.
    You have not given the unit of velo, so put the proper units for all the quantities.

    If the angle with the horizontal is ‘x’ radians, then after time t,

    horizontal dist travelled = 30*(cos x)*t, and

    height of the rocket = 30*(sin x)*t –(g/2)*t^2.

    Convert 50 degrees to radians.
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