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Homework Help: Finding how long it will take the ball to reach 20m

  1. Aug 6, 2014 #1
    1. The problem is the pitch was clocked at 160km/h and if a pitch were thrown horizontally with this velocity how far would the ball fall vertically by the time it reached home plate 20m away?

    2. I used the average acceleration

    3. t=d*average velocity
    t= 20m * 160km/h
    Convert 160km to m and then I got 20000 but it wrong bc the answer is 9.9 x 10^-1
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    It's good to use units as a sanity check of your calculations. Check the units on this calculation of yours, and then think about how you can re-arrange the equation to make the units work out...

    "t= 20m * 160km/h"
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