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Homework Help: Finding resistance/Power Consumption

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    An electric cooker has two settings, high and low. It takes 1A at the low setting and 3A at the high setting (It lists 230 as the voltage on the diagram)

    Find the resistance of R1 & R2 (they are parallel circuits)

    V=IR (R= V/I)

    high setting: R=V/I ... R = 230V/3A = 76.6667Ω
    low setting: R=V/I ... R = 230V/1A = 230Ω

    I figure I'm doing something wrong since the answers I come out with a bit weird

    Part 2

    Calculate the power consumption

    P = I²R

    P = 1²A*230 | P = 3²A*76.6
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    Doc Al

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    Looks good to me.

    Also good. But complete the calculation and assign proper units.

    (Power consumption can also be calculated using P = VI.)
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