Finding Solvent to Dissolve Paraffin Wax

In summary, the conversation discusses various solvents that can dissolve paraffin wax, specifically in the context of using it in a hot melt adhesive. The suggested solvents include benzene, xylene, CS2, CitriSolv, and brake cleaner, with warnings about their potential effects on plastic.
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can anyone help me to find solvent to dissolve the Paraffin wax which i have?
i need to knoe what type of solvent can dissolve it please.:confused:
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Benzene, xylene, CS2, and possibly a large number of commercial solvents...what exactly is your requirement? What paraffin wax do you have?
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really i don't know its type but its hot melt adhesive and becuase the repeated maintenace and problem at the melt machine i want to consume the wax bulk by chemical method .
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I don't usually recommend specific brands, but I don't know if there's a "generic" equivalent. You can get something called CitriSolv from Fisher Scientific or VWR (I think they both carry it), which is a citrus oil based solvent. More "eco-friendly" than xylene. We use it for clearing paraffin from histological sections, and it also works well on the lab benches for cleaning spilled paraffin. But, beware, any of these solvents will do a job on plastics too, so if you have any plastic parts in your equipment, you'll have to resort to old-fashioned scraping off of paraffin.
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You can go to auto parts store and get brake cleaner. It is usually a combination of toluene, hexane, and xylene packed in a OH, convenient spray. It will pretty much dissolve anything that is organic, your" [Broken] also.
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1. What is the best solvent to dissolve paraffin wax?

The best solvent to dissolve paraffin wax is typically a hydrocarbon-based solvent, such as mineral spirits or kerosene. These solvents have a similar chemical structure to paraffin wax and are able to break down its molecular bonds, allowing the wax to dissolve.

2. Can water be used as a solvent for paraffin wax?

No, water is not a suitable solvent for paraffin wax. Paraffin wax is hydrophobic, meaning it does not mix well with water. Trying to dissolve paraffin wax in water will result in the wax forming clumps or floating on the surface.

3. What is the process for dissolving paraffin wax using a solvent?

The process for dissolving paraffin wax using a solvent involves heating the solvent and then slowly adding small amounts of paraffin wax while stirring. The wax will gradually dissolve into the hot solvent. Once all the wax has dissolved, the solution can be cooled and the wax will solidify again.

4. Are there any safety precautions to take when working with solvents and paraffin wax?

Yes, solvents and paraffin wax can be flammable and should be handled with caution. Make sure to work in a well-ventilated area and avoid using open flames or heat sources near the solvent. Also, wear protective gloves and eyewear to avoid skin and eye irritation.

5. Can other types of solvents be used to dissolve paraffin wax?

Yes, there are other types of solvents that can be used to dissolve paraffin wax, such as alcohols, esters, and ketones. However, these solvents may have different properties and may not dissolve paraffin wax as easily as hydrocarbon-based solvents. It is important to choose a solvent that is compatible with the specific type of paraffin wax you are trying to dissolve.

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