What is Dissolve: Definition and 55 Discussions

In the post-production process of film editing and video editing, a dissolve (sometimes called a lap dissolve) is a gradual transition from one image to another. The terms fade-out (also called fade to black) and fade-in are used to describe a transition to and from a blank image. This is in contrast to a cut where there is no such transition. A dissolve overlaps two shots for the duration of the effect, usually at the end of one scene and the beginning of the next, but may be used in montage sequences also. Generally, but not always, the use of a dissolve is held to indicate that a period of time has passed between the two scenes. Also, it may indicate a change of location or the start of a flashback.

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  1. BriggsMason

    Is there an acid that could dissolve Aluminium & leave Copper alone?

    [Mentor Note: Two thread starts merged into one] I need to remove the Aluminium heat fins from a CPU heat extange lined around some copper water heat pipes. I could use a saw, cnc or grinder to remove them, but it seems that this way could be cleaner, and less probable to ruin the heat pipes...
  2. TenaciousB

    Rigid binding material that can dissolve?

    Hello there! I am working on a project where we need to bind together 2mm Tungsten shot into a solid shape. The shapes are around 10mm x 10mm x 12mm. I need to be able to reclaim the Tungsten beads after use. Thus far I have found that water soluable wax has been a good substance, however it...
  3. nik282000

    Fractals/Dendrites and the Dissolving of Phenoxyethanol in Water

    I shot some high speed footage of phenoxyethanol dissolving into water and observed some fractal/dendrite like patters at the edge of thin droplets that float on the surface of the water. I suspect that the water under the droplet becomes saturated very quickly as the phenoxyethanol is not...
  4. C

    Buffer solution working with DNA -- I have to dissolve dried oligos in PBS

    This is the first time I am working with DNA and I have to dissolve the dried oligos in PBS( 10mM phosphate buffer, 100mM NaCl, ph=7.4) buffer. However I don't understand how to do that. I will really appreciate if somebody can please explain me. Thank you in advance.
  5. C

    Can molten metals dissolve metal oxides, or vice versa?

    Where a metal melts before its oxide, can that oxide be solvated in the liquid metal? Likewise, if the metal oxide melts at a lower temperature can that solvate the metal? If not generally, can it happen for some metals, or none?
  6. Crafticharli

    How can I dissolve plant material without changing-

    I have a question which is ungoogleable. Question: What is the most efficient way to fully dissolve plant matter without destroying its chemical make up, for distillation purposes? Background Information: I started down this rabbit hole while researching the viability of a artisanal soap...
  7. C

    Solubility of Calcium Oxalate in an Alcohol Solution?

    In searching through the literature for the solubility of calcium oxalate, I came across this post https://www.researchgate.net/post/Are_there_any_organic_inorganic_solvents_for_dissolving_Ca-oxalate I am not sure where the people answering this question have gotten the information that calcium...
  8. Revengeance

    Given a mass, how much mass of this solid will dissolve in w

    Homework Statement If 0.025 g of Fe(OH)3 is added to 3.84 L of water, what mass will dissolve? Ksp is 2.8E-39. Homework Equations Ksp = [x][x] n= m/M The Attempt at a Solution I believe in this question that the starting mass is deemed irrelevant (although now i am starting to believe that is...
  9. S

    How to dissolve/ dispress Fe3O4 nanoparticles in water ?

    how to dissolve / good dispersion Fe3O4 nanoparticles in water and that solvent have with / without toxic to fishes?
  10. pkt

    Is it possible to dissolve diamonds with water?

    Is it possible to dissolve diamonds with water?
  11. M

    I Dissolved gas concentration in undersaturated liquid column

    Hi, In an enclosed system - of say Methane & water - in which the water column is sufficiently large to have significant pressure and some modest temperature difference due to gravity and geothermal effects, how would one calculate / predict the changing methane concentration (or partial...
  12. Preston Feagan

    Looking to dissolve plant matter without affecting rubber.

    Hello! I'm having a bit of an issue here, and I came across this site while searching on how to dissolve plant matter. The thread I found had some ideas, but said a reason would be needed before any concrete advice could be given. So here's my request - I need to instantaneously dissolve plant...
  13. Singularityguy

    How to Dissolve Solid Strontium for Use in Graphene Dispersions?

    How do you chemically dissolve Strontium in it's solid form? (It's an alkaline metal) I need it in some kind of liquid form or flakes (I was thinking of just shaving it down but that might not be as efficient nor very safe) so I can then put it into another solution of graphene conductive...
  14. V

    What home based solvent might dissolve unknown molecular particles?

    What home based solvent might dissolve an unknown electron microscope seen insoluble particles ? There are some sort of unknown insoluble particles in our water. Does anyone know of any home remedy acid solution (baking soda and vinegar) that might dissolve these particles ? Please keep in...
  15. 1

    Which species of Fe are considered dissolved Fe?

    Homework Statement The question tells me that all dissolved iron species will have an activity of 0.1M. So is Fe(OH)42- considered a dissolved species of Fe, and if so, it will have an activity of 0.1M? Homework Equations N/A The Attempt at a Solution I want to say that it is not considered...
  16. A

    Does Bromine (Br2) dissolve in water?

    Having trouble finding specifics about solubility of Bromine in water. I've read that it will not dissolve if present in small amounts. How much is small amounts? Also, what about Iodine (I2) and Fluorine (F2). In specific, I am looking for a nonpolar solute to increase the density of oil and...
  17. Gypsy Moonlight

    How does bicarb soda dissolve gypsum in plaster form?

    Ehecatl posted very helpful content on this ,.. Just wondering if anyone can describe the actual reaction that takes place?
  18. H

    Copper Sulfate Pentahydrarte will dissolve in diesel fuel?

    Hello all, In interested making a wood preservative using diesel fuel, paraffin plus an algaeicide. I am wondering if Copper Sulfate Pentahydrarte will dissolve in diesel fuel? If not are there other copper chemicals that may? thanks in advance, HarryA
  19. R

    Dissolve silver using nitric acid

    I have a piece of equipment that was manufactured using direct metal laser sintering made of a titanium alloy (Ti-6Al-4V). It is a cylinder with thin helical channels that is located above a vapour source in vacuum. I plan to coat it with silver, and I am looking for an effective way to...
  20. L

    Does so2 dissolve in sugarcane solution while refining sugar?

    does so2 dissolve in sugarcane solution while refining sugar??does it make sugarcane solution acidic?
  21. J

    Is there an acid that could dissolve plant matter quickly?

    I have decided to grow a plant that could possibly help with my illness. This plant could possibly cause an issue due to its nature. Is there an acid that is somewhat safe to dissolve dried plant material quickly? I have looked at other physics forums that talk about piranha acid and that is WAY...
  22. E

    Does agitation make gases dissolve faster?

    Why is CO2 released when soda is shaked, and dissolves again when the soda is stable? My teacher in class today said that soluble gases will dissolve faster in the presence of agitation. In practice (e.g. shaking a bottle of soda), this seems to not be the case. Please explain Thank You, EJ
  23. M

    Best substance to dissolve in water to increase boilingpoint elevation

    Boiling point elevation depends on how many ions dissociate in the solution. Typically CaCl2 is a good substance to use but it has a pretty high molar mass... I'm wondering what the best substance to use to increase the boiling point of water? Thanks!
  24. D

    Making TiO2 dissolve in acid organic

    Hi, everyone.. I do want to know, what are parameters that I have to know to dissolve TiO2,,?? I have tried many solvents like H2SO4, HCl, HNO3, citric acid, ascorbic acid, equi-molar citric/ascorbic acid,, but all was fail. could you tell me,,?? Thank you.. :)
  25. N

    Why alkyl halides dont dissolve in water?

    In water ,due to attraction between water molecules and polar solute molecules the solute dissolves. But though alkyl halides are polar they are less soluble in water.Why?
  26. A

    How does non polar molecules dissolve?

    how does non polar solute dissolve in non polar solvent?
  27. J

    What Chemicals Can Safely Dissolve a Vegetative Clog in a Pond Standpipe?

    Problem: I have a 2 acre pond from which the water exits via a stand pipe (vertically 10' then horizontally 70'. The stand pipe has become clogged with vegetative material (I left out the ounce of prevention). We have exhausted plans A - F of attempts to mechanically remove the clog with zero...
  28. I

    What chemicals will dissolve biological matter fastest?

    In the matter of 30 seconds, preferably. So far it seems Sulfuric Acid, Hydrogen Peroxide and Permanganate in a cocktail will suffice. Are there any faster, cheaper methods? Thanks :)
  29. J

    How to dissolve a copper nail completely ? important

    i need to dissolve a copper nail completely what chemical can do that and how much time is enough to form the reaction , i thought about sulphuric acid as a reactant but i don;t know if it dissolve it completely or partially !
  30. S

    Chemicals that can dissolve or react with carbon particles and alloys like steel

    is there any acid or base or any other chemical which can dissolve carbon particles or tar but will not effect alloys like steel.
  31. A

    Would sodium salicytate dissolve in any of them

    Homework Statement Would sodium salicytate dissolve in any of the following solvents? Water Diethyl Ether 6% HCL 6% sodium bicarbonate 6% Sodium Hydroxide (naoh) You don't have to but please explain your guess too. Thanks a lot. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I think it...
  32. C

    What iron-salts will dissolve in water?

    So I've been doing biochem research on bacterial biodegradation of exotic organic compounds. Based on a lot of research I've done, a lot of biodegradation pathways involve step-by-step mono-oxygenation reactions catalyzed by Cytochrome P450 enzymes (which contain a ferrous heme group) and redox...
  33. C

    Proper chemical to dissolve adhesive tape

    Hi everyone; I use usual adhesive tape (like scotch tapes) in one of my project and I want to get rid off the tape and all its remains at latter steps of my work. I want to do it with chemical methods so I used dichloromethane. But it only dissolve the plastic part of the tape but sticky part...
  34. C

    Why does methyl cellulose dissolve in cold water but not hot water?

    I was reading about cellulose derivatives there and came across the wiki page for methyl cellulose: https://secure.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/wiki/Methyl_cellulose which states that it is a hydrophilic compound that dissolves in cold water but not hot water. Up until now, every compound I've...
  35. B

    What is the Safe Method to Dissolve Chitosan?

    I am trying to create a solution of Chitosan (Low MW) in 1% Acetic acid. I ve tried dissolving up to 3gr per 100ml (Literature reports solutions up to 10% wt.) My problem is that by using extensive sonication and stirring for days the solution is still very thick (very viscous) and you can...
  36. T

    What will sugar dissolve in besides water?

    Well, the tittle says it all. Other than water, what will dissolve ordinary white crystalized table sugar. Specifically something that would evaporate and leave behind the sugar as a residue. Also something that is reasonably safe to handle.
  37. J

    How do you dissolve plaster of paris

    We have purchased a federation style home, which had the front painted white. During the removal process, we found that underneath several layers of paint, plaster of paris had also been applied in a random way, and is proving very hard to remove. We have tried HCL, as spirit of salts, but no...
  38. R

    Why can't hexane or toluene solutions dissolve in aqueous bromine?

    I have just carried out a lab experiment today and desperately need some help! 1. The Experiment: In my experiement I attempted to mix a solution of hexane with aqueous bromine. I started off by adding 15 drops of bromine into a test tube and then added 7 drops of hexane ontop of that...
  39. N

    How can I dissolve dried plaster of paris?

    My groupmates and I were using plaster of paris for our Arch 10 scale model of a chair. We used a glass casserole for the first trial. Kind of stupid. We covered it with oil before putting in the mixture but when the mixture dried, we couldn't get it out anymore. How can I dissolve plaster of paris?
  40. S

    How to dissolve PVC thermoplastic

    How would i dissolve the pvc thermoplastic on electrical wires? (with chemicals that are attainable easily from stores)
  41. Topher925

    Why do some metals dissolve in water under a EMF?

    I'm trying to wrap my mind around the concept of metals dissolving in water under different electrical potentials. For example, platinum is know to dissolve in liquid water when subjected to 0.65-1.1V. Why does this happen? I'm guessing it has something to due with water being so polar but why...
  42. L

    Will carbon powder dissolve (ionize) in sulfamic acid? If so, what ionic state?

    Will carbon powder dissolve (ionize) in sulfamic acid? If so, what ionic state?
  43. kelvin490

    How Can I Safely Dissolve Sapphire Without Damaging Gallium Nitride?

    I got a Gallium Nitride crystal grown on Sapphire (alumina - Al2O3). I want to remove the 300 micron thick sapphire without damaging the Gallium Nitride film. How to remove sapphire by chemical or physical method? Any suggestions are appreciated.
  44. B

    Need formula re time required to dissolve gas into liquid

    Hello; I'm new here and this is my first post. I think I've done all that I can do before posting this: I've spend a lot of time searching for the answer myself through Google; I've read all of the sticky posts here; and then I did a search of your post archives but couldn't find an answer...
  45. S

    How could i dissolve iron powder

    I want to make a standard iron solution 1 g/L by using iron powder and i can't dissolve it by any way. Is anyone have an idea? thanks in advance.
  46. S

    Can NaCl Dissolve in 1.00 M HCl Solution?

    Hi everyone! I just have a quick question. If I took NaCl and put it in a 1.00 M HCl solution, would the NaCl dissolve? Thanks
  47. T

    Do all polar substances dissolve in water?

    Homework Statement Do all polar substances dissolve in water? Homework Equations None. The Attempt at a Solution I think the answer is yes.
  48. B

    Why does the precipitate dissolve, reappear, and then dissolve again?

    why does the precipitate dissolve, reappear, and then dissolve again?? Homework Statement i have a chem lab due tuesday and was wondering if anyone may please help me on it! the problem: Mix silver nitrate solution and hydrochloric acid solution. Product is a precipitate 2. Add...
  49. M

    Finding Solvent to Dissolve Paraffin Wax

    can anyone help me to find solvent to dissolve the Paraffin wax which i have? i need to knoe what type of solvent can dissolve it please.:confused:
  50. D

    Will Cast Iron dissolve in dil. or conc. acid?

    Hi, I have searched rigorously for a solution to this problem but I seem to get inconclusive answers. I want to find the percentage purity of iron in cast iron and the best way to go about this is a redox titration. The first step is to reduce the Iron to Fe2+ . I intend to do this by...