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First Year Physics help regarding waves

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    Trying to study for my physics exam and am a bit stuck with this question. hopefully someone can help me out:

    1) a) State, with reasons, how the following properties of a simple harmonic oscillator are affected by doubling the amplitude:

    i) Frequency:
    ii) total mechanical energy, and
    iii) Maximum acceleration.

    b) An FM radio station has a power output of 150KW at a frequency of 99.7 MHz. How many photons per second does the transmitter emit?

    c) An electron and a photon each have a wavelength of 0.2nm. what is the momentum (in kg.m/s) of the:
    i) electron, and
    ii) photon?

    what is the energy (in eV) of the:
    iii) electron, and
    iv) the photon?

    d) i) What maximum light wavelength will excite an electron in the valence band of diamond? The energy gap for diamond is 5.50 eV.

    ii) in which part of the electronmagnetic spectrum does this wavelength lie?

    Thanks :)
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    Do you have any equations that may help you? If you share what you know and what you've tried, you're more likely to get help.
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    I know that frequency is not affected, unsure about total mechanical energy and maximum frequency.

    I have also calculated b) to be 2.27*10^3 photons, but have no idea how to do the rest??
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