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Flying car

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    Flying Car a Step Closer to Reality
    http://buzz.yahoo.com/buzzlog/93804?fp=1 [Broken]

    The Terrafugia Transition.

    If one has a spare $194,000 + TTL.
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    I see two sides to this. 1) If I had 70 people lined up wishing to pay me 150K apiece, I'd be very happy to provide.

    2) The ideal flying car doesn't do a lot of driving. If it can fly, why drive? It can park where you want it ; is capable of vertical takeoff, will taxi to the gas pump, and there aren't hords of others who have one, so you don't have to worry about them buzzing about in your airspace.
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    Yay, texting people falling from the sky.
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    One point of clarification, it's not a flying car. It's a roadable airplane.
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    Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!!
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    That was my first idea after seeing the video.

    My second idea was that in reality it will be probably useless as both plane and car :devil:
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    James bond would feel like an idiot makeing a get-a-way in this thing. And some of his flying contraptions weren't that much to look at either.

    Detective Gadget on the other hand...
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    I'm probably being a bit stupid but surely you wouldn't have clearance just to fly to work/ around the world just off the cuff with this? Or maybe you can ?
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    Why some people come up with such stupid stupid ideas? The Airplane has been invented, and so has car. What purpose does it serve to humanity to combine them in one?

    Here are more stupid gadgets:


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    You forgot to add

    [PLAIN]http://www.mapds.com.au/newsletters/0807/iphone_home.gif [Broken]

    And numerous other great mixtures (Phone/MP3 player).

    I don't know, this could be useful, it would certainly get me to college/London alot quicker than the train! And it would mean no checking in for flights =P.
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    I would agree, but now that I have it I'll make sure that I get my money's worth out of it. :devil:
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    My friend is just finishing up a 6 month co op (through our school) with these guys. Can't wait to here all about it!
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    Ivan Seeking

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    What makes this different than the other flying cars that we've seen?

    1). It has FAA approval as a light aircraft
    1a). It doesn't require a regular pilot's license to operate
    2). Approved for road use
    3). Relatively inexpensive

    I can see this being very handy for some business people and long-commuters. It could be worth its weight in gold for someone who, for example, commutes 180 miles each day into and through Los Angeles traffic. The ability to land at any municipal air strip makes it quite practical.
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    I wonder how many would have to be built before owners started demanding special freeway entrance ramps that looked like this?

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    I just realized that this would never work. There are too many people who blindly follow the car in front of them while they are on their cellphone. Lots of people would be driving off the end of the ramps during takeoffs. :rolleyes:
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    :rofl: good one
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