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Homework Help: Foorier represtaion of this function

  1. Dec 23, 2009 #1




    i used trig identetied to splt into two cosines

    andi solved

    but i got sines

    i need an expression of cosines to do cos nx=(-1)^n

    i need to have a simple linear fracture without cosines or sines

    i cant transform it here in the needed form


    and if thinking thurely then i see that i have a trig function on a simetric period
    so its zero

    so the foorier representation of the given function is zero

    where is the mistake
    it cant be zero
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    Hi nhrock3! :smile:

    These trigonometric identities need a factor of 1/2 inside the RHS brackets. :wink:
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    i took the 0.5 out side of the integral
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    i'm getting confused :redface:

    let's start again … shouldn't there be factors of 1/(p/2 ± n) after the integration?
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    foorier... Really? Did you really just do that? I'd attempt a response but I can't read whatever the hell you typed.
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    You need to state your problem more clearly. Are you trying to find a Fourier series that represents your function for all x? If not that, on what interval? Why are you choosing [itex](-\pi,\pi)[/itex]? Depending on the value of p, the periodic extension of your function from that interval may have discontinuities. Do your care about that? Do you want a half range expansion? A more careful statement of the problem please.

    And what is "a simple linear fracture without sines or cosines?"
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