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News For Democrats: Who would you love to see as president?

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    After Bush is gone, who do you think would be the best person or a wish list person for president and why?

    He already said he is not running in '08, but I say Barak Obama. I think he has the presence, the intelligence, the pragmatism, and the right ideas. He seems to be a guy who can bring together a lot of people and make them see the reasonable path ahead.
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    if i were american i wouldn't want barack obama as president.

    -- Bill Blum, Anti-Empire Report Oct 24 2004
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    Meh, by 2008 I might be a Democrat. :rolleyes:

    I think Mark Warner would be the best Democratic candidate. He's an (ex)-governor and governors have a natural advantage over Senators. Not only is he a governor, he was easily one of the top five governors in the US, if not the best.
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    He'll never leave the Senate and I doubt he'd even want to be president, but I'd love to see Robert Byrd give it a shot. He's been my favorite democrat in any branch of the government for a very long time.
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    He actually said that!!! If he actually means it, I would infinitely prefer him over many modern presidents to date.
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