For grad school, how much more helpful is it to have a BS?

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I want to go to grad school in applied math. Currently I'm a junior at the University of Florida, double majoring in math and physics. I'm planning out my final year, and I'm noticing that it becomes ludicrously hard to get a BS in both fields (especially because I am a transfer student, and the requirements to get the BS differ greatly between the two schools I've attended). Doing so would, I believe, hurt my GPA a lot and only contribute to the burn out I'm feeling because of the stress I'm under. I guess my question is: does it significantly hurt my chances of being accepted into grad school in the field that I like if I get the BA degree in these two fields rather than the BS?

I'm especially worried because right now, my chances of getting into grad school are somewhat dim. While my GPA is decent (3.5), having just transferred to a very large school, I have no professors who know me well enough to write me a recommendation, and due to some major issues I've been having, I haven't been able to get into any research.

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No one is going to really care that you got a BA rather than a BS, and a double major in math and physics is pretty impressive no matter what the degree title is. If you get overly stressed, you might consider dropping a major and then doing some sort of minor.

I don't think that your chances of getting into some graduate school somewhere are dim.
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Very reassuring. Thanks!

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