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Force between two different metals?

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    Hi everyone...

    I work in a rolling mill that produces train rail tracks. But I'm experiencing some problems. The guards I use keep breaking.

    So here is the scinario. The rail we make is 40kg per meter. With a total length of around 65m. When it goes thru the mill pressure is applied to it in order to shape it to the sizes specified in our standards book. The moment it goes thru the mill guides and guards catch it and guide it into the direction I want it to go. The one specific guard keeps breaking. So I'm looking for a way to calculate for much force the rail is pressing down on to the guard.

    I'm not even sure where to begin. But if you can tell me what you need, I can get it.
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    My first thought would be to put an detector on the guard that would measure its deflection. I would also add an accelerator on each axis at the same time, in case that data helps me understand the environment later.
    Then calibrate the deflection measurement by applying known forces to the guard - in the range of the forces you expect to get during production.

    Then let it run and collect the data.
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    Can you post a photo showing the rail hitting the guard, and indicate where the guard is breaking?
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