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Homework Help: Forces acting on rollercoaster

  1. Oct 9, 2012 #1
    Why is the normal force on the top of roller coster greater then mg?
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  3. Oct 9, 2012 #2
    You mean at the top of a loop? Because if it's at the top of a hill it isn't.
  4. Oct 9, 2012 #3
    Are you talking about the coaster on the inside of a loop at the top where the track would be pushing it down or the coaster being at the top of a hill where the track would be below the coaster?
  5. Oct 9, 2012 #4
    If you were in a loop, and the force of gravity was greater than the normal force, you'd fall out of the ride.

    If however you were going over the hill where the track was below you, the normal force would be less and if you were going fast enough, gravity wouldn't be enough to keep you on the track and you would fly off as a projectile.
  6. Oct 11, 2012 #5
    Yes thats exactly what i was finding for.thanks bro:)
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