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Homework Help: 'forces in two dimensions' problem

  1. Aug 4, 2015 #1
    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    hello guys, that's the problem, when i tried to solve it using soh cah toh and Pythagoras law it resulted in answers e' and f', which make sence to me because both result it 54.6N and both relevant in directions so i am a bit confused.

    Suppose that a force with a magnitude of 54.6 N is exerted at a direction of 223 degrees (expressed as a counter-clockwise angle of rotation from due east). This force would be the same as having two forces which are exerted at____ and_____
    a. 129.2 N west, 74.6 N south
    b. 27.3 N west, 27.3 N south
    c. 207.3 N west, 82.3 N south
    d. 82.3 N west, 207.3 N south
    e. 39.9 N west, 37.2 N south
    f. 37.2 N west, 39.9 N south
    g. 2.9 N west, 54.5 N south
    h. 54.5 N west, 2.9 N south
    i. 129.2 N west, 181.8 N south
    j. 181.8 N west, 129.2N south
    k. ... nonsense! It would be impossible to replace a single force by two different forces.
    1. ... none of these answers are even close. Yet it would be possible to find two forces.

    2. Relevant equations
    soh cah toa

    3. The attempt at a solution

    i'll be very grateful if someone could help me in another subject please - i am just about to cover all mechanics subjects and i wonder what would be more reasonable, to continue with calculus or electricity, or both simultaneously

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    If you make a drawing, it's easy to see which is the right answer.
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    thanks, i feel stupid.. well i didn't make it before because i thought they ask for two answers.. :(
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    I didn't give you the answer, you found it yourself and hopefully gained something in understanding (and skill set), so : well done !
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