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Forging and Toughness questions

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    Area under stress strain curve is known as toughness.
    Does it represent impact toughness or fracture toughness?
    Is there any relation between area and fracture and impact toughness?
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    Forging and toughness

    Toughness of the material increases after forging.
    Is it due to reduction in number of cracks and crack lengths or is there any other fundamental reason to it?
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    Forging improves toughness due the laminar structure i.e. formed during forging process. Grain size is reformed and yes inhomogeneities like cracks, voids are minimized during forging.
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    can you explain more about laminar structure
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    Laminar structure appear macroscopically in a sense, uniform flow of metal during compression causes formation of such structure. Laminar structures are synonymous to laminae in composites, hence they favour crack arrest.

    Hope this solves your query, if more interested try searching for Laminar Structure in Forging online for futher information.
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