Formula for the velocity of the centripetal force

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Hi, can anyone please tell me the fomular for the velocity of a centripital force with the radius of 100 cm, with one revolution revolting in 0.98 seconds?
Re: velocity

Here are the formulas you will need to solve the problem:
v = rw
w = 2pi/T

By the way, the "velocity of a centripetal force" does not have much meaning. Force is a vector; it doesn't have velocity. You might as well have asked what the mass of the force was, or the radius of the force. I think you meant to say that you are trying to find the tangential velocity of an object undergoing circular motion due to a centripetal force.
Re: velocity

Thanks for you're help, anyway i have another question. What is the formula for centripital force?, our physics teacher gave us a practical to do but he forgot to give us a note on centripital force.
Re: velocity

It's F = (mv^2)/r, directed radially inward.

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