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FORTRAN 90 - DVERK? - initial condition solver

  1. May 14, 2008 #1

    I am new to FORTRAN and am trying to work with a system of ODE's. Does someone know of a routine like DVERK for solving initial condition problems for FORTRAN 90?

    In MATLAB I would simply use ODE45. I just need something similar.

    Thank you!
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    Your best bet would be to code your own. Start with a Eulers method, this is very simple though not so precise. A 4th order Runga Kutta routine is also easy to code and is quite accurate. Do a bit of web searching and have a go at it.
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    Yeah both the Euler and the fixed step size Runge-Kutta are simple implementations. The DVERK and ode45 both use adaptive step-size routines, and it gets much more complicated there.
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