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Fortran Compiler and C Preprocessor

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    I am very new to programming and am trying to determine if a Fortran compiler and C preprocessor is a property of the specific computer one has or if it is something that can be downloaded?

    Specifically I want to run the Neutron transport code, DANTSYS; system requirements are listed here: http://www-rsicc.ornl.gov/codes/ccc/ccc5/ccc-547.html

    Can any computer run this code or would I have to purchase something specific that meets the Fortran complier requirements? Also does anyone have any recommendations on what the best Linux operating system to pursue / learn to run this code in would be?

    Any help is appreciated.

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    A compiler is a piece of software (an ordinary program), used to create binaries from source code. For your purposes, basically a very elaborate installation process. For example, the GNU project has free, multiplatform C and Fortran compilers. The other tool mentioned there is GNU Make, also a GNU utility. All can be downloaded here.

    Unfortunately, I doubt this software will run on anything you have. From that page, it's described as only supporting certain supercomputers - not desktop PCs. The only operating systems it supports are rather exotic (obsolete?) UNIX dialects - HP-UX, AIX, IRIX, SunOS (Solaris' predecessor), and UNICOS.
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    As signerror mentioned, the page has


    DANTSYS requires a Fortran 77 compiler; a C-language preprocessor (cpp); a C-compiler (cc); and GMAKE (GnuMake from Free Software Foundation). Please be advised that in our experience some compiler versions on the various platforms are deficient in the sense that either the code will not compile or else bad assembly code is generated. We list the operating systems and Fortran compilers under which the code met our QA requirements.


    2. SUN-(SUNOS 4.1.2/F77 Version 2.0.1)

    3. IBM RS/6000-(AIX 2.3/XLF RELEASE 03.02.0002.0001)

    4. Hewlett Packard 9000-(HP-UX A.09.05/F77-HP UX10.0)

    5. Silicon Graphics-(IRIX 5.2/F77 RELEASE 5.2).

    Our Linux workstations use g77.

    One could try -

    http://www.mbr-pwrc.usgs.gov/software/g77.html [Broken]

    Good luck.
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    Your code description seems to date back to 1997.
    If you Google the subject, you will find that much of the older codes have been ported to Linux. If you are not the hands-on type, you may want to enquire about a later version of the program, probably already ported to Linux. The RSICC catalog description on Dantsys is dated 2006, and has since taken Silicon Graphics and HP off the list of platforms. (Linux was not added).

    Descriptions of other codes (for example : http://www-rsicc.ornl.gov/codes/ccc/ccc6/ccc-695.html)
    seem to imply that Dantsys is already ported and funcitonal on Linux with upgrade to F95.

    Try to do a little more research. The extra work may be worth it.
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