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Fortran, complex array with rank one

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    I'm using the MATMUL command to multiplicate two arrays: array A is of rank one and has three complex elements, while array B is a 3x3 matrix with complex elements. However, the compilation is aborted because "the shapes of the array expressions do not conform". I'm pretty sure that the operation MATMUL(B,A) should yield a 3x1 array with complex elements, so I suspect that the expression defining array A isn't correct. Right now it looks like this:

    A=[0.e0+0.e0, 0.e0+0.e0, 1.e-29+0.e0]

    (I'm only interested in the real part of the last element for the moment.) Is this really the way to express a complex, rank one array?
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    You can't multiply an array of rank 1 by an array of rank 2.

    MATMAL(B,A) will work if B is rank 3x3 and A is rank 3x1, and the result will be rank 3x1
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    That's strange, because this is what it says in the book NUMERICAL RECIPES IN FORTRAN 90: The Art of PARALLEL Scientific Computing

    I guess you're right since it doesn't work, but perhaps I'm misinterpreting the quoted text?
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    It may depend on what compiler you are using. I'm not sure. Did you try using the 3x1 matrix?
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    Yes, I tried that before trying this method. It worked fine, but the problem is that in the same program, I want to be able to calculate the dot product of array A. I don't know how to do this if I define it as a 3X1 matrix.
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    Ok, now I know exactly what is wrong, but not how to fix it. The relevant part of the code looks like this:


    The part that is wrong is the "c", because the command

    write(*,*) matmul(a,b)

    gives the correct output. I obviously have to define "c" properly, but

    real, complex(3,1) :: c

    doesn't do. Any suggestions?
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    I think I solved the problem. Thanks anyway, sylas.
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    You're welcome. Please post the solution. I'm rusty on Fortran, and would like to know!
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